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Hieronder tref je allemaal interessante artikelen die helpen het leven duurzaam te verbeteren voor optimaal welzijn.  

What is PEMF?

  PEMF has the power to heal   PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. All body processes run on cellular function and each cell in our body uses energy as its fuel. When a cell is sick or injured, the energy (or charge)…
Pulsed Electro Magnetisch Veld Therapie van Chiropractor Amsterdam

Pulsed Electro Magnetisch Veld Therapie - PEMF

Pulsed Electro Magnetisch Veld Behandeling - PEMF Electrical and magnetic fields affect all cells within the body. Similar to doors and windows of a house, cell membranes (outer walls of our cells) have channels that allow passage of oxygen…
asyra pro behandeling van Chiropractor Amsterdam

Asyra Pro behandeling

  Asyra Pro bio-energetic behandeling Everything in existence is energy and at the deepest level, dysfunction in our bodies manifests as energetic disturbance. It is not necessary to understand how bio-energetic devices work to benefit…
Rapid Release Behandeling - Chiropractor Amsterdam

Rapid Release

Targeted, High-Speed Vibration Therapy. The combination of a short stroke and high frequency delivers quick, comfortable and effective results for minor aches and pains.  
wellness pro plus behandeling chiropractor amsterdam michael blackman

WellnessPro+ behandeling

  WellnessPro Plus Digital Bio Energetic Frequency behandeling Increasingly frequency generator technology is being used as an alternative to prescription drugs which can have unwanted side effects. The Wellness Pro Plus uses digitally…