Patiënten Ervaringen

Marja Kamp


This is to let you know how grateful I am what you managed to do with my physical and mental condition. When I first came to see you I was in such a miserable state. At our first appointment I started to cry and I just couldn’t stop. From the station to your office I took a taxi because I wasn’t able to walk any distance. You’re a miracle doctor for healing my body and my soul. I owe you very, very much and after the summer I’ll be back if that’s OK with you. All your tips and tricks, your positivity and your believe in me took me into the right direction after years of pain and misery.

Martijn de Jonge


Sinds ik twaalf jaar oud ben heb ik regelmatig last van mijn nek en rug. Ik ben vrij lang en mijn houding is nooit echt goed geweest. Om de paar jaar volg ik een sessie mensendieck. Dat helpt, maar sinds ik er regelmatig een sessie bij Michael bij doe gaat het pas echt goed. Ik weet dat mijn houdig nooit 100% zal worden, maar ik weet sinds een jaar wel wat het is om zonder last van mijn nek en rug door het leven te gaan.

Ido Tadmor


My name is Ido Tadmor and I’m an international dancer,
choreographer and a teacher for ballet. I have recently had a back injury and was sent to see a chiropractor by the name of Michael Blackman DC. I need to say that my physical situation was very bad at that point and I could hardly move. Dancing is my life and a quick recovery is very essential. In only three treatments I was put back into an extremely well physical placement which allowed me to continue my performances and teaching. Michael Blackman DC. is a unique chiropractor combining the professional knowledge with special human kindness.

Patrick Hira


I heard a lot about chiropractic treatment. My own suddenly acute back pain encouraged me to find possible relieve of pain beyond the regular known treatments. I found Nekwerk and basically Michael’s own story inspired me to pay Nekwerk a visit for my own complaints. My experience is very positive. The pain is reducing, I am getting very good advice and until now I have experienced each treatment as being different. The intelligence of the body is remarkable and the body obviously tries to compensate itself. Therefore treatments have to be different, each treatment has to be judged and approached differently as I am experiencing. Looking forward to be cured for 100% within the guidance of Nekwerk

Mascha de Weijer


Ik ben erg blij met Michael Blackman als mijn chiropractor. Na een vervelende ervaring waarbij een andere chiropractor mij te hard heeft behandeld was ik op zoek naar iemand die met meer gevoel kon kijken naar wat mijn lichaam nodig had en aan kon. Michael neemt echt de tijd om te luisteren en weet precies de goede punten aan te pakken. Wat ik ook erg fijn vind is dat je niet na 10 minuten weer op de stoep staat maar dat hij ook even de tijd neemt zodat je met een voldaan gevoel de deur uit gaat. Sinds ik bij Michael kom heb ik minder last van mijn nek en minder last van tintelingen in mijn handen. Ik voel me ook energieker. Het is fijn dat mijn zoontje mee mag en ook hij heeft het er naar z’n zin.
Thanks Michael!

Issa Shum


Michael Blackman treats our whole family and we see it is an essential monthly maintenance of our general wellbeing. He takes the time it needs and is really thorough. Our daughter now aged three has been seeing Michael since she was 6 months old and we have really reaped the benefits of steady growth jumps and better sleeping pattern.

Sine Rasmussen


For a lot of years I have had headaches (lots of family problems, and fights in other stormy battles) I solved it with taking headache medicine, which gave me migraine and poison my body 🙁 I’m now out of all medicine (wick and strong painkiller, antidepressant, sleeping and relaxing pills :)) but because my body has bee though so hard times, there’s a lot of pain left, special in my neck, head, and back. It’s here Michael, with he’s insight in the human body and he’s magic hands, has been abel to help me and me body, (special my neck) on its way to heeling and recovering after all the stress, and stormy weather it’s been through.
So thank you, Michael, of all my hart.
Just to wish, that you where a bit closer 😉
Sine, nearly 50 years, from Denmark …
..the beginning of my new life ….

Cristine Crebas


Michael Blackman has helped me several times over the years, mostly with my neck problems. He has the ability to find the source of the problem immediately,and then slowly correcting the body back to it´s natural state. With big gratitude

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