WellnessPro+ behandeling

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WellnessPro Plus Digital Bio Energetic Frequency behandeling

Increasingly frequency generator technology is being used as an alternative to prescription drugs

which can have unwanted side effects. The Wellness Pro Plus uses digitally controlled

technology, with over one million frequencies, and has FDA clearance (Food and Drug

Administration USA) to treat many painful conditions.


The cells in our bodies act like batteries, with electro-chemical action, producing and releasing

energy. Energy (electrical charge) normally flows from one cell to the next as cells communicate

with each other. When an area is injured the normal pattern of electrical conductivity is

disrupted. The Wellness Pro Plus acts as a catalyst with a series of milli and micro amp electrical

impulses that vary in frequency, intensity and wavelength, to help with pain relief. It is safe, non

toxic and not invasive.


Wellness Pro Plus stimulates peripheral nerves which can interfere with pain signals going to the

brain to reduce the perception of pain. Frequencies generated by the Wellness Pro Plus stimulate

without the harmful side effects.

Overzicht van klachten voor behandeling met WellnessPro+ Plus

Osteo-Arthritis     Rheumatoid Arthritis    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome     Back Pain/Sciatica       Post Surgical Pain  Post Traumatic Pain Parkinson’s Disease        AIDS related pain      Broken Bones      Soft Tissue Regeneration Pain      Herpes/Shingles    Chronic Fatigue  Wound Pain     Neurological Disorders    Multiple Sclerosis    Joint Pain    Sports Injuries    Spinal Cord Injuries Plantar Fasciitis       TMJ      Neuropathy    Cancer      Nerve Entrapment       Bells’s Palsy       Fibromyalgia Acute and Chronic Back Pain       Headaches/ Migraines   Disc Injuries   Tendonitis